Enjoy these free resources to improve your business English communication skills. These guides are especially designed for global professionals, working in an international environment or hoping to be part of it.

How To Manage Language and Cultural Diversity in The Workplace

  • A guide for HR professionals with:
    • Insights into how how HR managers top companies manage diversity
    • Challenges and consequences of mismanaged diversity
    • Tactics to overcome all those obstacles like a pro!


How Communication Skills Can Land Your Dream Job 

  • A guide for Software Developers with:
    • Key communication challenges for non-native software developers
    • Practical steps to boost your skills
    • How these steps will help you get your dream job


Increase User Satisfaction Through Better Communication

  • Customer Success and Sales professionals will learn:
    • Why boosting your English skills will keep your customers happy
    • Ways to overcome the most common language problems
    • Strategies to improve your business English communication skills


How to Write Professional Emails in English

  • The business writing guide for professional learners:
    • 150+ useful phrases for every email occasion at work
    • Tips for writing better business emails and avoid miscommunication
    • Templates and examples to communicate effectively with colleagues and managers


How To Improve Your English Pronunciation

  • Learn how to speak more clearly in English and improve your pronunciation:
    • Effective techniques to improve your accent
    • Links to Lisa Pronove's YouTube videos explaining the most difficult sounds
    • Examples for you to practice from home

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