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Communication Skills Webinars

Improve your workplace communication skills with live, interactive webinars.

Upcoming Live Webinars
  • From Buzzword To Business Impact: Using AI For Effective L&D (with HowNow) - May 29 - Register here
  • Write Effective Business Emails Across Cultures (Advanced) - June 11 - Register here
  • Give Constructive Feedback Across Cultures - July 31 - Register here
Upcoming  topics
  • Communicate Effectively and Boost Your Confidence In English
  • Deliver Impactful Presentations in English
Webinars On Demand
  • Deliver Impactful Presentations - Watch now
  • Creating a successful AI-powered L&D strategy (with 360Learning) - Watch now 
  • Build a Skills-First L&D Approach and Drive More Impact (with LifeLabs Learning and HowNow) - Watch now
  • Creating a Thriving Learning Culture (with 360Learning) - Watch now
  • How to Break Down Silos and Boost Collaboration (with Bravely and Blueboard) - Watch now
  • How to Create a Learning Culture in Your Organization, And Why! (with LifeLabs Learning) - Watch now
  • Managing Teams Across Cultures - Watch now

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Excel at work through effective communication
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Meet the Talaera team!

These events are a great opportunity for you to get to know the Talaera team. Our communications webinars are hosted by professionals with vast experience in business English communication. They draw from real-life examples and anecdotes and provide easy, useful advice so that participants can learn in a fun, engaging way.


Talaera Business English Training

Professional English and cross-cultural communication training that’s instantly applicable to the workplace.