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Self-Paced Business English Learning for Global Teams

The most flexible and scalable business English training solution for your organization

Self-Paced Talaera

A personalized learning journey

Self-paced learners get to carve their business English learning journey from their phone or laptop...


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The perfect blend for scalable English training

Self-paced learners get the perfect combination of full English learning autonomy and guidance

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Flexible, relevant programs

Help your global teams bridge language and culture gaps at their own pace, from anywhere.

Thousands of interactive exercises, real-life scenarios, and examples tailored to each learner's role and industry by leveraging generative AI.

Instructor-led workshops

Your teams will learn at their own pace. But they won’t be on their own.

Maximize learning effectiveness with a free instructor-led workshop every month. From lower intermediate levels and above. 


Access to a wide range of business English learning resources

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Original content

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Cambridge U.P.

Selected books

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News articles

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Instructor-led groups

Schedule a free consultation

Find out how you can best support your global teams.

Self-Paced Business English Learning

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Full flexibility, perfect for busy professionals

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Engaging, relevant content for the workplace

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Easy training logistics that won't add to your plate

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Instantly applicable business English content, tools, activities, and strategies. Easily accessible 24/7 and immediately applicable in the workplace.

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