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What will you learn in this podcast?

Learn how to navigate meetings with clients, write professional business emails, deliver engaging presentations, feel comfortable with small talk, manage teams across cultures, and much more.

Is it necessary to register to listen to this podcast?

Nope, you can listen to us straight from Spotify or Apple Podcasts, and Google. If you do register, you will get first-hand release notifications, premium content, and sneak peeks for upcoming events.

Who can be a guest speaker on Talaera Talks?

We love to talk with people from all sorts of backgrounds with a passion for communication, cultures, and leadership. 

If you have a topic you would like to talk about, fill out the form below and tell us about you. We will assess your suggestion and get back within 48 hours.

Our Speakers

We welcome speakers of all sorts of backgrounds and experience. If you have anything to say about professional development, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, or Learning & Developmentn, we'd love to talk to you. These are some of our wonderful guest speakers:

Talaera Talks Guest Speakers


Would you like to be a guest? Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you. You can also email us at