Reduce communication breakdowns in your organization with personalized, on-demand, online business English training. 

Talaera Business English Training Overview HR

An effective English training solution for your global teams. Easy for managers, engaging for learners.

  • Training tailored to individual needs
  • Scalable English programs
  • Available in all time zones
  • Easy training logistics - from the onboarding to the very end
  • Progress monitoring for managers
  • Export real-time engagement metrics
  • Excellent teachers
  • Dynamic materials, integrated dictionaries
  • Live translation, speech-to-text
  • 24/7 support


One of our language training experts will assess your organization's needs and recommend the best program for your organization.

Talaera Programs 2023


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On Demand

Tailored programs, easy scheduling anytime, in all time zones, for all levels.

All-In Platform

All in one place - learning, scheduling, feedback, premium content, 24/7 support...

Scalable Training

From 1:1 lessons, to group courses, workshops, and webinar to a mix n' match.

Easy for HR

Engagement tracking, instant reports, easy onboarding, billing management, and more. 

Frequently asked...

1. How does Talaera's English training work?

+ Needs assessment: First, we assess your organization's needs.
+ Training advice: Then, we'll suggest the best training programs to your teams.
+ Easy logistics: We take care of everything, from the onboarding to the very end.
+ Teacher matching: Your employees are carefully matched with a teacher based on their needs.
+ Customized sessions: Each employee receives personalized training on our platform.

2. Is there a minimum number of lessons I have to purchase? 

There is no minimum number, you can purchase a single lesson (and sign up one or two people from your team). However, you can get great discounts if you buy packages of sessions. When you buy sessions, you have at least one year from the day of purchase to use them.

3. Can your lessons be used globally?

Absolutely! That's one of the greatest advantages at Talaera. We have teachers in all time zones and operate globally. You can get a package of sessions and allocate hours to your global employees. If one of your employees decides to stop learning (i.e. they changed jobs or got too busy), you can transfer his/her sessions to another employee, totally free of charge.

4. How do I know the best package for my team?

We will help. Once we hear your needs, we will create a program that adapts to your specific situation. It can be individual lessons, group courses, workshops, webinars, or a Mix N' Match (a combination of them). Fill out the form on this page or email us at and we'll take it from there!

Talaera Business English Training

Online training for professionals who communicate in fast-paced environments across different channels, time zones, and cultures.

Request more info and we will help you find the best program for you and your teams.