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Talaera Intensive Courses - speaking 2

Speak With Confidence at Work

Lessons: 10 | Course price: $495

Learn vocabulary and language techniques to express your ideas with confidence in professional settings.

Course outline
  1. Describing Responsibilities & Delegating
  2. Small Talk Across Cultures
  3. Effective Communication & Persuasion
  4. Speaking Up & Debating
  5. Business Idioms
  6. Meetings & Video Conferences
  7. Negotiations & Decision-Making
  8. Grammar Basics & Phrasal Verbs
  9. Working Across Cultures
  10. Bringing It All Together

Impactful Presentations in English

Lessons: 10 | Course price: $495

Deliver impactful presentations: get across key information, engage your audience, and effectively respond to questions from the audience.

Course outline
  1. Getting Your Key Message Across
  2. Keeping The Audience Engaged
  3. Explaining Concepts Effectively
  4. Maximizing Impact
  5. Storytelling
  6. Using Figures and Visuals
  7. Navigating Q&A Sessions
  8. Vocabulary & Transition Devices
  9. Adapting The Message To Your Audience
  10. Bringing It All Together
Talaera Intensive Courses - Presentations 2
Talaera Intensive Courses - All in one business English 3

All in One Business English

Lessons: 20 | Course price: $950

Improve your business speaking skills, write clear and professional messages, and give effective presentations. Practice real-life situations and get actionable feedback.

Course outline
  1. Describing Responsibilities & Delegating
  2. Small Talk Across Cultures
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Meetings & Video Conferences
  5. Speaking Up & Debating
  6. Negotiations and Decision-Making
  7. Role Play and Review
  8. Cultural Awareness
  9. Pronunciation
  10. Business Idioms
  11. Grammar Basics
  12. Business Emails - The Basics
  13. Business Emails - Advanced
  14. Tone & Feedback in Business Writing
  15. Presentation Structure & Key Message
  16. Keeping The Audience Engaged
  17. Storytelling
  18. Navigating Q&As Sessions
  19. Using Figures and Visuals
  20. Bringing It All Together
“For the first time, I felt I had a few ways to express my message. With that level of confidence, I was less nervous than usual and walked the audience through the presentation confidently.”
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Einat A., Systems Engineer at Salesforce

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