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Our free webinars are live masterclasses to help you improve your communication skills for the workplace. Pick the communication skills webinar topics you like and learn how to address specific communication challenges:

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  • ⚡Small Talk Across Cultures - January 11th - Register here
  • Driving Employee Engagement Through Effective Communication - February 8th Register here
  • Deliver Impactful Presentations - March Registration opens soon


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Our monthly webinars were born right when the pandemic started. We wanted to offer something for free where people could relax, meet us, and learn valuable tips around business communication skills and English language learning. Check out our upcoming events, register, and invite everyone. We always love to have you and all your friends and colleagues over!

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These events are a great opportunity for you to get to know the Talaera team. Our communications webinars are hosted by professionals with vast experience in business English communication. They draw from real-life examples and anecdotes and provide easy, useful advice so that participants can learn in a fun, engaging way. 

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An effective English training solution for your global teams. 

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Help your employees become effective communicators in fast-paced environments, across different channels, time zones, and cultures.


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