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Below you can see the outline of the webinars we've covered so far - and we'll keep adding more! If none of the scheduled ones work for you, fill in the form and we will let you know about the next ones!

Note: This is not an interactive session. For a more personalized and participative experience, check out our private company webinars.

BUSINESS EMAILS | How To Write Professional Emails in English

  • Content email structure
  • Clear and concise language
  • Useful phrases
  • Email etiquette

ADVANCED BUSINESS EMAILS | Write Professional Emails Across Cultures

  • Advanced best practices for emails
  • Examples and phrases
  • Emailing across cultures

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION | How To Communicate your Ideas Effectively

  • Speaking tips and useful phrases
  • Delivering a clear message
  • Cultural differences
  • Adding power to your message

SMALL TALK | Get Through the First 5 Minutes of a Virtual Meeting

  • How to introduce yourself
  • Small talk across cultures
  • Transitioning to the main topic
  • Language tips

PRONUNCIATION | Improve your Pronunciation in English

  • How to pronounce the most difficult sounds in English
  • Homophones and other tricky words
  • Silent letters

PRESENTATIONS | Ace your Next Presentation in English

  • Structure your presentation for maximum impact
  • Engage your audience
  • Useful vocabulary and expressions for presentations
  • Use visuals wisely

RESOLVING CONFLICT | How to Deal with Conflict in English

  • Communication advice on how to resolve conflict
  • Useful phrases to make your point
  • Vocabulary and tips to move forward


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