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Workplace English training for non-native English speakers

Help your global workforce use English effectively at work and connect professionally across cultures.

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Business English training for the real world

Elevate the English communication skills of your global team and help them excel in every professional interaction.

Beyond grammar and vocabulary.

Blending language skills with culture, essential business communication, and soft skills to navigate a global workplace.

Immediately applicable at work.

Practical English training for immediate workplace impact and confident communication.

Scalable and customizable.

Wide range of English programs to suit any team size, budget, English level, or seniority of participants.

Business English Skills

From bespoke to scalable English training

Whether it's for one employee or a thousand, our mix of  English programs ensures we fit any budget and needs.

Business English Class

Specialized training for non-native English speakers

Workplace English training

"Talaera creates a learning ecosystem where our employees can immediately apply what they learn to our workplace."
Ilona Kantor
– Ilona Kantor, Training Specialist at ZIM

Courses designed for immediate business impact

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Empowering non-native English professionals worldwide

Thousands of professionals at some of the world’s most influential and forward-thinking organizations are already working with Talaera, reducing communication breakdowns at work and reaching their full potential across 150+ countries.

Talaera Customers

Ensure that no professional is ever held back from reaching their full potential in your organization because of their English skills.

FAQs  - Online Business English Courses

Does Talaera only cater to non-native English speakers?

Our business English programs are specifically designed with non-native speakers in mind, focusing on practical language use, cultural understanding, and business communication skills.

Native English speakers may benefit from some of our most advanced courses, but our focus is professionals whose first language is not English.

Is there an opportunity to try Talaera's courses before committing?

You have maximum flexibility (no strings attached!). You pay for the programs that you need, and we hope you are so happy that you want to stay. You may purchase a one-time trial lesson before committing to larger packages.

We are also offering full access to our self-paced online courses for free until December 31, 2023, allowing you to experience the quality and effectiveness of our training firsthand.

Submit the form above or email us at

Can I use Talaera sessions globally?

Absolutely! That's one of the greatest advantages at Talaera. We have business English instructors in all time zones and operate globally.

You can easily allocate training hours to your global employees. If one of your employees decides to stop learning (i.e. they changed jobs or got too busy), you can transfer their sessions to another employee, totally free of charge.

Can Talaera's training be integrated into our existing learning systems or LMS?

Yes, our new SCORM-compatible courses can be easily integrated into your existing Learning Management System for seamless learning experiences. Request more information about courses currently available.

Is this English training only for companies?

This English training is for organizations and individuals alike.

Companies may purchase all the products available (1:1 training, group courses, workshops, webinars, and self-paced learning).

Individual learners can purchase 1:1 lessons with an instructor or access to self-paced online courses.