Whether you feel shaky every time you need to say something in English or you're a pro wanting to fine-tune some skills, we'll give you some great tools to help you feel confident in English.
You will learn some easy-to-apply tips for sounding smarter –or at least not feeling silly– when you need to express work-related ideas in English. We've condensed our learners' most common concerns into 8 bitesize lessons. You will receive one email every Tuesday with tips, vocabulary, and exercises to practice.
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Course Syllabus

  • ⚡Lesson 1: Introduce Yourself Professionally
  • ⚡Lesson 2: Avoid Awkward Small Talk Situations
  • ⚡Lesson 3: Clarify Misunderstandings
  • ⚡Lesson 4: Make Your Voice Heard In Meetings
  • ⚡Lesson 5: Agree & Disagree Gracefully 
  • ⚡Lesson 6: A Problem Came Up? Use These Idioms!
  • ⚡Lesson 7: Decision-Making Idioms You'll Use All The Time
  • ⚡Lesson 8: 'You're On Mute' & Other Tech-Related Expressions
EC01 Overview 3-1 

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