What if you could offer your employees an effective English training that they can take at their own pace, from anywhere that they actually enjoy?
We are soon introducing Talaera's Self-Paced Courses –a scalable solution for global companies looking to help their teams improve their business English skills.
Easy onboarding 
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 Carefully crafted courses addressing learners' main concerns
2-Apr-27-2022-05-24-44-49-PMEngagaging scenarios and practice exercises
3-Apr-27-2022-05-24-44-46-PMSimple and friendly user interface4-Apr-27-2022-05-24-44-13-PM

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Easy onboarding and user friendly UI, both for learners and managers.


Carefully crafted courses addressing the most common concerns.


Packed with real-life examples and practice yet lightweight and engaging.


Invest in your workforce at a very scalable level with high ROI.

About Talaera

Talaera is a holistic language solution for global companies. We assess your organization's goals and create business English training programs tailored to your needs. Through personalized 1:1 lessons, group courses, workshops, webinars, and self-paced courses, your employees learn to confidently communicate and collaborate in English across different cultures.